Vision, Mission


To build and enhance the character of the kids ; to guide their psyches towards free, liberal, inventive considering; to fortify their wills; to teach resilience and comprehension for every one of their colleagues;"

"To expect the folks and educators to cooperate in concordance generally advantageous enthusiasm of the kids;"

"To draw in a showing staff of high gauge, character and capacity, equipped for mental adaptability propelled with an adoration for granting learning and the advancement of the youngsters' natural interest and the abilities by which it can be fulfilled; to be mindful that a method for showing develops out of a philosophical appreciation for what is taught."


“To teach the disciplines and skill of learning; to awaken an interest in the natural phenomena; to encourage manual dexterity and pride in the work of hands; to teach the child to respect and enjoy learning; to educate the child within the school hours, thus eliminating the need for excess outside homework.”

“To encourage the feeling of co-operation, inter-dependence and brotherhood, thus giving the basis for practical living as means for dealing with problems of life with intelligence and fortitude.”

“To develop in the parents of the children a pride and respect for the value of good education and the responsibility of achieving this education through their own efforts and continuing interest. “